Child Support

Child Support:

In California there is a ‘guideline’ for child support.  The ‘guideline’ formula is outlined in Family Code §§4050-4076.  The California guideline formula is presumed to be correct.  The Court has the discretion to deviate from guideline but only in limited circumstances. 

Each parent to a child is required to support their minor child until the child emancipates.  Typically, the support ends when the child reaches the age of 18 and has graduated high school, or reaches the age of 19 and is still in high school.  Further, child support is always modifiable if there has been a change of circumstances.  A change of circumstance can be anything from a change in job, change in income, and / or loss of employment.

Our attorneys have the experience necessary to make sure the child support numbers are calculated correctly and you aren’t paying more child support than required by law.  If you think you are paying an amount above the state guidelines, or you have a change of circumstances that may require a modification, contact our office and we can help.