Divorce & Legal Separation

Divorce & Legal Separation

A decision to investigate divorce, while never planned for, is a milestone decision in life. Married couples in this position are often unprepared for the complexity of what it means to end their marriage.  There are usually a magnitude of emotions:  Fear, anxiety and anger, just to name a fe.

After years of experience working with divorcing couples, our attorneys know that even taking the next step from thinking about divorce to making an appointment with a family law attorney can be very frightening.

Our entire team views our role as your counselor. We aim to offer our clients the power of focus and education, and ultimately, the strategies they need to simplify even the most complex situations. Together, with everything sorted out, we can clear the confusion so that you may make decisions that lead to the very best results. Among our many passions as a firm is preserving our clients’ well-being and family values throughout this difficult transition. We want to help launch you into your next phase of life as prepared as possible with the fewest burdens. 

How every couple separates and divorces is different. Our firm is uniquely positioned to listen carefully to every person’s situation and to begin crafting a plan. Naturally, you expect your divorce to affect your life, and the lives of your soon to be ex-spouse and children. This is only the beginning of the long-term effects of divorce on your life. We know know divorce can impact literally every aspect of your life—finances, where you live, your friendships, your insurance, and more. When you fully share all of the information around your divorce, our team can offer prescriptive strategies to help you achieve your specific objectives and minimize any negative impacts. 

Areas of Specific Concentration

High Net Worth Divorces 

Every divorcing couple presents their own unique challenges. High net worth couples’ difficulties are no different. When a wealthier couple divorces, more assets usually means more complex questions to answer and more potential ways to get it all wrong. Asset division and reputation protection for divorcing couples with more than $1 million in net worth must be fully understood. We know the intricacies of comprehending these so our clients can go on with living their lives fully. Through all of this, we take all precautions to maintain privacy for all our couples and are especially skilled in preserving our high net worth clients’ reputations in the public eye.

Military Divorces

 Our country’s veterans face many stresses and worries as part of their sacrifice to defend our country. Unfortunately, despite their service, they are not shielded from the difficulty of failed marriages.  We have put processes in place to help our military navigate through the divorce process with as little difficulty as possible. If you are deployed, we can help you get a “stay of proceedings” under the Civil Relief Act. If you decide you agree and want the case to move forward, our firm can be your guide and make all the appearances required to get you the resolution you want. Military Pensions carry issues that require special knowledge.  We are that firm. We are experienced in Military Divorces and all the complexities that accompany them. 

Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce 

Same-sex couples across the country rejoiced in 2013 when the Supreme Court removed any barriers to marriage. Marriages of all kinds will still encounter divorce from time to time, despite whatever hardships are encountered to be together. Same-sex divorces can be weighed down by issues related to community property because in many cases, they had been together for many years before they ever got married and began collecting property, investing, and building a joint life.  We are experienced in dealing with the community property—which is defined as property acquired during a marriage—as well as the couple’s other property acquired prior to marriage. We help same-sex couples simplify and get past the divorce, and get on with their lives. 

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